Brindley Heath Parish Council

at the heart of Cannock Chase

Brindley Heath Parish Council supports the interests of residents living in the beautiful rural landscape of forest and heathland known as Cannock Chase

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Brindley Heath Parish Council is the closest level of local government to residents of the parish, sitting at the bottom of a three tier structure shared with Cannock Chase District Council and Staffordshire County Council. Geographically the parish is the largest in the District but it is also the least populated, with an electorate of just 650 (approximately). 

The Parish incorporates two Parish Wards (Brindley Village and Chase Side), two District Wards (Hednesford North and Etching Hill and The Heath); and, two County Divisions (Etching Hill and the Heath and Hednesford and Rawnsley). 

The landscape is rural in character with large areas of pine (and deciduous) forest and heath-land which is nationally known as Cannock Chase.  Hednesford and Rugeley sit on the perimeter of the Chase, which forms part of the smallest 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' in England; designated in 1958.

The Council consists of seven Parish Councillors who give their time freely to work toward community well-being, to support the provision of better services at local level, and to represent the interests of both individual residents and those of the community collectively.  The Parish Council brings local issues to the attention of the County and District Councils (and other public authorities) and contributes to decision making on matters that may have an impact on the area.  Protection of the landscape character and scenic beauty of this green and rural environment is always at the very top of the agenda and must be held secure for the benefit of future generations as well as the enjoyment of people living and visiting here today. 

We aim to use this website as a vehicle to inform you about the work of the Council as well as tell you about other events and activities taking place in the wider community.  We hope you will find the information you are looking for. Please contact us if you wish to ask questions, raise concerns or seek support on any matter connected with life in the parish. 

Thank you to Steve Clifford for allowing us to reproduce his photographs. The background photograph here is one of them, and there are others on the gallery page.